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Zing Health Joins ConnectureDRX Platform to Simplify Medicare Enrollment

Zing Health
Posted by Zing Health on Jul 20, 2021 7:00:00 AM

CHICAGO (June 20, 2021) -- Zing Health has partnered with ConnectureDRX, a leading healthcare software company, to give insurance brokers and consumers a superior experience for choosing the Medicare Advantage plans that best fit each beneficiary’s needs.


As part of the collaboration, Zing Health will join ConnectureDRX’s Brokerlink Network, the largest distribution network in the Medicare industry. Over 70 insurance agencies, field marketing organizations (FMOs), and e-brokers use ConnectureDRX’s state-of-the-art quoting and enrollment technology, including self-service shopping options and Rx comparison tools for seniors. 


Platform Finds Best Fit Medicare Advantage Plans

Features such as accurate drug cost estimates and highly personalized Medicare enrollment options on ConnectureDRX will give consumers insight into Zing Health’s innovative, community- minded benefits. The platform also helps identify plans that meet consumers’ special needs, such as those with chronic conditions, dual Medicare-Medicaid eligibility, or qualification for low-income subsidies.

“For more than two decades, ConnectureDRX has helped consumers connect with health plans through technologies that simplify complex healthcare choices, empowering them to make informed decisions,” said Zing Health Founder and CEO Dr. Eric E. Whitaker. “Our new partnership with ConnectureDRX will further support our mission to serve those lacking coverage and influence social determinants of health.”

As a physician-founded startup, Zing Health understands the challenges that minority populations face in obtaining coverage. Working closely in local communities to help those who need it most, Zing Health offers holistic care benefits that traditional Medicare plans don’t, such as dental, vision, hearing, and fitness programs.

“This partnership will allow Zing to increase exposure and get more eyes familiar with their Medicare Advantage plans and benefits,” says ConnectureDRX Executive Vice President Grant Hoffman. “We take an omnichannel approach to our platform and our distribution network. providing enrollment and drug pricing transparency tools for consumers, brokers and call centers.”


Healthcare Technology Ensures Trust in Medicare Enrollment

FMOs and agencies use ConnectureDRX’s PlanCompare ONE platform to manage all enrollment tasks and activities. Agents can see all carriers in one place, versus having to contact each carrier for plan information and enrollment forms. This intuitive platform complies with HIPAA privacy requirements to collect member information securely and establish confidence in an often-confusing Medicare enrollment process.

The collaboration will create more efficient workflows for Zing Health enrollment teams, supporting their outreach to underserved communities and saving time for consumers, brokers, and call centers.

The partnership is just the latest way Zing Health is establishing itself as a major player in the Medicare Advantage market. Over the past year, Zing Health has added new technology partnerships to benefit members and to address both clinical and social determinants of health. Its latest addition, the member support service HealthMine, empowers health consumers to take the right actions to improve their health. Zing Health expanded into new markets in 2021, including underserved communities in Illinois, Michigan, and Indiana.


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