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Zing Health Joins SelectQuote in Medicare Advantage Outreach

Zing Health
Posted by Zing Health on Aug 3, 2021 6:00:00 AM

CHICAGO (August 3, 2021) -- Zing Health is partnering with SelectQuote, Inc. (NYSE: SLQT) to provide more exposure to its Medicare Advantage plans in Illinois, Indiana and Michigan, promoting community health in greater Chicago and other metropolitan areas. By adding SelectQuote to its insurance broker network, Zing Health is simplifying the buying process for those who may be new to Medicare Advantage or uncomfortable with buying health insurance, making it easier for them to choose and enroll in the coverage they need.



“Zing Health designed its Medicare Advantage products to be the best of breed for diverse populations in each of its target counties,” said Dr. Eric E. Whitaker, founder and CEO of Zing Health. “SelectQuote helps make it easier for our potential members to compare costs, understand coverage of specific drugs and extra benefits, handle enrollment details and obtain health plan documents.”


Process Simplifies Vital Health Decision

SelectQuote is a technology-enabled insurance broker whose agents are commission-agnostic, so they will carefully walk seniors through a variety of Medicare plans and help them discover the lowest-cost options that best meet their health needs.

“As a way to improve health equity in our communities, it’s imperative to have bilingual enrollment specialists who can champion Medicare Advantage plans,” Whitaker said. “SelectQuote will further extend our outreach to members and better establish the high level of trust that we seek to maintain with our members.”

With a mission to help provide the best Medicare plan at the best price to meet customers’ healthcare needs, SelectQuote joins Zing Health in outreach to underserved populations, helping seniors understand their health options and making an important difference in their lives.

“We work with a number of great carrier partners that can change lives for the better for seniors and their health, helping Medicare customers find the best choices for them,” said Tim Danker, CEO at SelectQuote. “Our affiliation with Zing Health will help members make a confident decision about their insurance plan and establish the same level of trust that Zing Health strives to maintain with its members. We strive to build that relationship.”


Benefits Extend Seniors’ Access to Care

SelectQuote’s Population Health program assists seniors with their Medicare Advantage benefits and markets value-based care services such as medical clinics and meal delivery. 

The SelectQuote partnership is just the latest collaboration for Zing Health, which is rapidly growing the choices it offers its members and helping to change lives for the better. Zing Health plans offer personalized care for seniors at no or low copays, including those with chronic special needs. Zing Health benefits include access to care not provided by traditional Medicare such as dental, vision and hearing.

Zing offers different Medicare Advantage products across its target counties: HMO, HMO-Point of Service, Chronic Special Needs (C-SNP) and Dual Special Needs (D-SNP). Holistic care benefits in Zing Health plans include telehealth and a 24/7 nurse advice line, fitness and weight loss memberships, and help with the nutrition, housing and social issues that contribute to community health. Zing Health partners provide member benefits for over-the-counter drugs and hearing aids, dental care, vision care, fitness and therapy, and telehealth.

SelectQuote adds to Zing Health’s already powerful approach to improving access to care for diverse populations.


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