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Zing Health CEO Dr. Eric Whitaker Profiled

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Posted by Zing Health on Apr 21, 2021 1:12:22 PM

Chicago (April 20, 2021)—Zing Health co-founder and CEO Dr. Eric Whitaker has recently been profiled in multiple publications. Check out just some of the articles featuring Dr. Whitaker.



New York Times: April 27, 2021

“In 1997, Whitaker helped found Project Brotherhood, a weekly clinic for Black men, in the Woodlawn neighborhood. Though a full-service clinic supported by the Cook County health system was already in place, Whitaker and his colleagues noticed that Black men rarely used it. “We ended up going to do focus groups with men from the community to ask them the question: ‘You have a resource here, why don’t you use it?’” he said. “And the answer was that men felt disrespected by the health care system. Others said they didn’t want people to see them going to the center or they just didn’t find it a place of comfort. That meant they were delaying care they absolutely needed to get.”  Read more.



The Plug: April 10, 2021

“Dr. Eric Whitaker first saw the disparities of the underserved and uninsured while fighting the AIDS crisis in San Francisco in the late 1970s and early 1980s. A few decades later, having hung up his doctor’s coat to work in the private sector, Dr.Whitaker is addressing health insurance disparities with his latest startup, Zing Health.”  Read more.


N’Digo: March 29, 2021

“The difference is we were founded by two black doctors, interested in black/brown senior citizens.  We are interested in the disparities of health care. When we look at the data, health outcomes are far worse for Black and Brown people than their white counterparts.  We wanted to share the collective experience of the team.”  Read more.


Managed Care Executive: January 25, 2021

"One of Whitaker’s hopes for Zing Health is that it becomes a training ground for African American and Latino executives in the health insurance industry so that they can move on and rise to positions of influence in the industry. Another one of Whitaker’s goals: Have Zing reach unicorn status by crossing the $1-billion-in-value threshold that the unicorn label denotes." Read more.


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