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'Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid' Features Zing Health

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Posted by Zing Health on Nov 23, 2022 12:55:51 PM

The television series “Viewpoint with Dennis Quaid,” airing on public television stations, shows how Zing Health uses Medicare Advantage plans to advance health equity in under-resourced communities.

In the episode “Innovations in Healthcare: What the Future Holds,” Zing Health Founder & Executive Chairman Dr. Eric E. Whitaker discussed the health disparities seen in minority populations, such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Medicare Advantage Plans Address Social Determinants of Health

Clinical care is only one factor in health inequities, Whitaker noted. Environment, health literacy and income are among the social determinants of health. Access to services in the appropriate language also play a significant role.

 “The central thing for having great outcomes for patients is actually trust,” Whitaker said in the interview. “The patient will be more likely to follow any recommendations that the physician offers, thereby end up with great results in terms of health outcomes.”

The segment contrasts traditional Medicare with the additional coverage offered by Medicare Advantage plans such as hearing, vision and dental services. These benefits provide access to quality health services for people in underserved communities who need more help with their health.

The “Viewpoint” healthcare episode, posted to the Zing Health YouTube channel, will air on local public TV stations over the next 12 months. The award-winning documentaries are short-form educational stories that highlight industry professionals and groundbreaking organizations. The series is distributed to over 170 U.S. public stations and has an estimated annual reach of 60 million households.

The series is independently produced by the Viewpoint Project, which is dedicated to developing and distributing social and educational programming about our neighbors, community and world. Each story has one thing in common–changing lives for the better.

Technology Innovations Help Overcome Health Disparities

A full three-minute profile further explores the Medicare Advantage company’s mission to make communities stronger, address healthcare inequities and support members with a holistic care team. Zing Health innovations benefit members with challenges in transportation, social isolation and management of chronic conditions.

For example, Zing Health provides continuous glucose monitoring technology to all members who can benefit. The emerging standard for diabetes management senses changes in blood sugar levels. Patients get real-time reports and coaching via mobile apps. State of-the-art solutions are often not available to minority populations at higher risk of developing diabetes.

The Medicare Advantage carrier is taking its inspiring message of member- and provider-centered care to communities that the insurance industry often neglects. Zing Health’s current media campaign features cable TV ads in Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis and Rockford, on channels including CNBC, CNN, Discovery, Fox News, MSNBC and TLC.

Whitaker holds out Zing Health as an exemplar for all insurers, with lessons in how to serve a more diverse U.S. population, train health practitioners and uplift communities.

“Our workforce is diverse, and the people who work at Zing have lived in the communities that we intend to impact,” Whitaker said. “And that makes all the difference in the world in making sure that the members we interact with gain trust in our company and also know we are there to help them meet their needs.”

About Zing Health

Founded in 2019, Zing Health Holdings Inc. is a physician founded and led insurance company making Medicare Advantage the best it can be for eligible beneficiaries. Named one of the 2022 Best Places to Work in Healthcare, Zing Health adopts a community-based approach that addresses the social determinants of health, keeping individuals and communities healthy while returning the physician and the member to the center of the healthcare equation. Each member gets personalized care and service, access to facilities designed to help them better meet their healthcare needs and a dedicated care team. For more information on Zing Health, visit


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